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Grampa's Potato latkes

6 potatoes peeled and grated
3 eggs-4 eggs
1 onion chopped or grated
½ c matzo meal or 3 slices of chale wet and squeezed out

salt and pepper to taste

mix all the ingredients together

large spoon

heat  oil in a pan until it sizzles

drop a mound into the oil and flatten and continue until  filling the pan until it's full, when the edges turn brown flip over

Here are Mom's variations on the theme:
*My recipe differs, add 3-6 chopped cloves garlic to mixture,
substitute for bread  wetted and squeezed 3 slices of rye bread or 6 rye crackers (no matza meal)
and ½ c fresh parsley or 3 tablespoons , fry and place on paper towels or napkins